Anyone need a WinRAR dent .ico?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by GT2000, Jul 11, 2002.

  1. GT2000

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    I love the dent icons o_87, using them on my current setup and it looks great with all my wallpapers (I use Active Multiwallpaper Manager to change my wallpaper once an hour, to keep it fresh), and I plan on making extra icons that I need, whenever I get the spare chance I'll be converting as many of the system icons as I possibly can. First one I tried with the tutorial and template was the WinRAR icon, I've never been an artist, or very creative for that matter, but it felt good to have something come out looking half-way decent IMO.

    I'll post a screenie, lemme know if you want it and i'll just zip and upload to my site.

    Oh, can't post attachments now, here we go.
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    great first try ;)
  3. GT2000

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    Heh, I know, but like I said, never been a very creative person, just wanted to use a simple graphic for the first try, that and I'm always pinched for time, I'll be trying to change things up a bit when I make myself some more icons.

    I uploaded the icon to my site incase anyone wanted to use it.
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    Nice job GT2000 :)