Anyone Know of a good file transfer prog

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by OTE, Feb 27, 2003.

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    I like many people d/l music off kazaa, I also own a Sony NetMD. When I got the MD it came with software called OpenMD Jukebox. Using this program i cant transfer songs that I have d/led from kazaa to mini disc. I also suspect that it updates it self + connects to the I-net without my knowing as it has not done it before (i have BB btw).

    Does anyone have/know of a good replacement???

    Thanks OTE
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    I use to use MusicMatch Jukebox to transfer mp3's from my hard drive to a USB flash card, if that's what ur talking about.

    If ur talking about FTP programs, I think cuteFTP has a free demo. Not a big fan of cute but...there are a few out there if you google it.
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    thanks for the reply, and i was talikin about MusicMatch type progs.
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    Doesn't Windows Media Player have somethin like that in its options?