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    Here’s my problem: I have lots of CD-Rs full of mp3s and other files. I want to put the CD in the CD drive, run the program, the have an excel file with a list of the files on the cd.

    For example, my CD-R has:

    Artist - Song Title.mp3
    Artist 2 - Song Title.mp3
    Artist 3 - Song Title.mp3

    I want to have an excel (or text file) with:

    Artist - Song Title
    Artist 2 - Song Title
    Artist 3 - Song Title

    For obvious reasons, I do not want to type out every name.

    So far, the best thing I have is a .bat file with this code: “dir d:\*.* /a/o/s > list.txt” which creates a text file with the date time, and a whole bunch of other crap. This is usable with the assistance of Excell’s text to columns feature, but I want something better.

    Does anyone know of a better program?
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    well in winamp, if you enqueue all your songs into a play list and then go to misc -> misc options -> generate html playlist, it creates a playlist that is viewable in a web browser in the form of artist - song title (time). it's pretty neat.
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    or in DOS

    go the root of the CD and type

    X:\>dir > C:\cd1.txt

    (X:\> is the prompt)