anyone else have this problem with detonator 40.41?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lillemand1, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. lillemand1

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    the problem is when i run with the new drivers and use my tv out port the picture shows up fine and jiffy.. but if i try to run a movie in .avi format the picture doesnt show up on my tv screen only the program and a black picture.. but it shows up on the pc monitor...
    my spec's are:
    g-force 4 mx440 64ddr.
    amd duron 1200 @ 1400 mhz
    2 x 120 gb hdd's
    harsper 15 inch tft monitor.
    biostar m7vkb v2.1
    and btw the thing with the xtra options in the control bar with the reg edit thing works fine on my computer and i don't have a nfoce motherboard so i have proven wrong that it's only working on nforce boards.
    but well my quistion was if anyone else had this problem and if they have/had it know how to fix it?
  2. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    dont think these drivers were made with the MX card in mind
    they caused all kinds of havoc on my system :(
    reinstall your old drivers & everything should work OK again

  3. -kReV-

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    running an mx440 here working great, one small bug though, when using remote desktop, and checking the firewall logs of server machine, the screen flashes off and back on for a second... not a major bug, but all else is fine, and games performance rox, especially when using that Coolbits regtweak i found on the main site


  4. Octopus

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    does detonator 40.41 work on G-Force2 MX400?
    or my card is out dated?
  5. Khayman

    Khayman I'm sorry Hal... Political User Folding Team

    Detonator 40 supports the entire TNT2™, GeForce™, GeForce2, GeForce3, GeForce4 consumer line of GPUs, nForce™ and nForce2™ platform processors,
  6. Works with my GF2 MX400 fine but lost 100 3dmark points against the older 23.11 drivers. In actual game use though it seems as fast. Nicer UI too.
  7. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    They dont work properly on my GF2 MX400
    to many things going wrong
    AOL & IE for starters

  8. dieot

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    why do people choose AOL, beats me...
  9. anewhope

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    Same here, i'm using a GF2 Pro 64MB and the drivers work fine, not benchmarked them yet, but games run smooth and really nice at 1152 x 886(?)
  10. BTW, off topic I know but well done Bolton for beating Man Utd
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    Yeah, wasn't a result I would have predicted!

    And well done leeds for beating the dirty geordies!
  12. joko_xp

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    Skopje, MK
    same thing hapened recently with my friends radeon8500,and he somehow menaged to fix it.if you are interested i could ask him to tell me the "fix".
  13. 2z

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    Unlimited access
    All the other dialup isp's reserve the right to disconnect you every two hours
    Two years in a row as well
    if we dont win another match I'll be still happy :)