anyone else get this problem with NWN

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by natefrog, Jun 24, 2002.

  1. natefrog

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    I got Neverwinter Nights installed and upgraded to the latest version. Eveytime I try to connect to a multiplayer game the server times out. I can ping the server's ip fine with no time outs. And before you say something about no it's not a pirated version.

    Things I've tried.
    Running cable straight to my comp instead of thru the router
    shutting down zonealarm
    ensuring winxp firewall is disabled
    tweaking the ini file as stated on Bioware's tech page
    (and combinations of all of the above)

    every other program works fine

    don't know what's going on
    please help
  2. natefrog

    natefrog Guest

    no one???
  3. natefrog

    natefrog Guest

    I wish someone had some type of answer for me

    I tried bioware website and could find nothing
  4. mgargan1

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    you can see the specs that I have on my system below, and I have a Geforce 3... my question is... why do I only get into the 6000 score range... becides telling me to change processors... what do you think the reason the score is low?
  5. Skizoid

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    Playing NWN from behind a firewall and thru a router on a similarly configured system without any connectivity issues. Is it timing out on all servers or just certain ones?
  6. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    nver played the game... sorry :(

    you could try the manufacturers tech support and find out... they usually know this sort of stuff... or will be able to help you out...

    only thing I can think of is firewall issues.. winxp firewall or your router firewall when you are connected through it... normally have to open certain ports for certain games...