Anyone downloaded MS Money 2002 Deluxe from Kazaa

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tw@, May 14, 2002.

  1. Tw@

    Tw@ Guest

    The 190,384 KB download?

    any installation problems for you?
  2. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...

    i wouldnt recomend downloading programmes from kazaa

    VERY high chance of ,trojans, virus's and all the usual not good stuff
  3. wyrlwyn

    wyrlwyn Guest

    true that, i'm about to unistall kazaa, or run a virus scan every nioght afterwards... i guess its theprice you pay for free software...
    wait a minute, there shouldn't be a price for free stuf!!!
  4. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...

    you could always get kazaalite - a hacked version with no spy or add ware
    just search for it

    but if u wanna download progz u will always have the risk of somfing screwing up
  5. Tw@

    Tw@ Guest

    Yeah, I know!!!

    Its OK anyway Ive managed to suss it out but Ill give the tip for anyone else who needs it.

    Unzip the zip file contents to your default location (I use a folder named download, personally), create a new temporary folder next to it and give it a name (money) then go to the location you unzipped the files to, open the new folder and highlight and copy all files and folders contained in it over to your new folder(money), you should be able to use the set-up application from there without any problem.

    Oh yeah! and run your virus scan at every point in the process especially before unzipping the thing.
  6. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...

    everything work ok?

  7. Tw@

    Tw@ Guest

    Its all A-OK over here ;)

    Office XP here I come!!!
  8. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    ok, for future reference this forum is not to discuss how best to install software stolen using kazaa..keep that to the warez forums as it does not relate to xp and is against the rules...thanks all :)
  9. omgsoup

    omgsoup OSNN Senior Addict

    office xp

    i downloaded all 400MB of office XP. but i can't really update it. i'm working on fixing it. if anyone knows how to make an ISO image and then burn it to a CD, let me know (i think that's what i need to make it a real cd) but yeah, and it took like 8 hours, and i checked it with antivirus software, and it was great.

    opps, i should learn to read the posts above me. so, um, just email me if you know how, and that way you won't have to discuss it here.