Anybody good with VB.NET ?

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    So this is my current concentration in school in Visual Studio.NET 2003 It's a windows app in Visual Basic.NET

    I made a simple program that called a module I made.

    Inside the module I had options for a group box with radio buttons.

    The project was named firstBat, and I changed a label based onthe radio buttons (called displayLbl), so inside the module you see this.

    [B]Select Case HelloLanguage
       Case "English"
          firstBat.displayLbl.Text = "text in english"
       Case "EspaƱol"
          [/B][B]firstBat.displayLbl.[/B][B]Text = "text in spanish"
       Case "Deutsch"
          [/B][B]firstBat.displayLbl.[/B][B]Text = "text in german"
       Case Else
          [/B][B]firstBat.displayLbl.[/B][B]Text = "Error/Error/Fehler"
    End Select
    But for some reason it was saying that firstBat.displayLbl was wrong. Does this have to do with renaming Form1 ? I renamed it but I think Visual Studio still decided to go and generate code with Form1 in mind, not firstBat ... what is going on!?
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    What have you assigned HelloLanguage, is it a variable and if so of what type? Have you edited the autocode generated by the .NET environment as this is a no.. no....

    Never change any of the autocode generated by the .NET environment unless you are 100% sure what you are doing!