Any spider enthusiasts on here?

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    I've spent a bit of time looking for what type of spider I found in the garage today (relatives seen it outside the day before). Normally, the biggest I've ever seen is about the size of a quarter or a tad larger. This one is definitely a different species and a hell of a lot bigger than ones we normally find around here in Nova Scotia, Canada (east coast). Any references I can find, almost make me thing it's a species of Wolf Spider but I'm still not sure.

    I went to take the BBQ cover off of the BBQ and this puppy was on it. The picture doesn't do it any justice but I was able to place a coke can near by to give it some sort of perspective. I know spiders grow to be quite large in warmer climates and since we're not a warmer climate (spring, summer, fall, winter), I was quite shocked to see one this big hehehe.
    (For you animal lovers... I didn't kill it. I took care of it like an normal Canadian would... I scooped it up on the end of a hockey stick and took it into the woods)

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  2. I would have thought Wolf Spider too, but I'm not hot on spiders, prefer my scorpion. :)
    Put it on and see what they say.
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    Try emailing this guy


    just found more info on the spider. this was a question mailed in to the spiders rule site and mentions Nova Scotia ahhh Google is good

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