Any Ideas & Thoughts Of My Website?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Alex_is_Axel, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. Alex_is_Axel

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    Cheshire, United Kingdom
    Good afternoon everyone

    Behind the scenes, i have been under development of creating a website for an online game which i host a dedicated server for and i also have a clan.

    DJAxel's Website

    All i really need to know is what are your thoughts about the website and what you think i could add onto it to improve on it. As you will find out when you go on the website, the main page is kinda all over the place because i am improving that by adding a silver background along the side (you'll see what i mean when you see it because its half done) :p. So id really like to hear your thoughts and opinions. i would be most greatful because i want to make it better.. i dont even like myself.. lol

    Thank you for your time and help

    Sincerly Alex :cool:
  2. sboulema

    sboulema Moderator

    Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    looks cool, nice way you used my graphics :), but maybe a skip intro link is something
  3. Erbmaster

    Erbmaster Moderator Folding Team

    Middle Of Nowhere - UK
    I agree with sboulema, you'd certainly benefit from plonking a skip "feature" on your intro page, as that intro is damn long.

    Some nice ideas though, but again. Unless you need the cash. Kill the pop-ups, they only serve to annoy.
  4. Herkalees

    Herkalees Guest

    Skip button! Nice choice of music though...
  5. Zedric

    Zedric NTFS Guru Folding Team

    Definately a skip link! I'm too tired to watch the whole intro (sat for a while) so I didn't even see the site.
  6. XP Abuser

    XP Abuser Guest

    thats not a site its just one big flash movie
  7. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    for the flash intro, good music and sound but if you can stil edit it a bit i would do a small base boost on the music and when you have the other sound effects there make the music a little louder, and for the site i would try to make some borders and the big yellow and black stripes are a little to big but that is my thought, other than that it is great and a great idea on teh flash intro
  8. ste_w

    ste_w Moderator

    LOL Nice way of getting Free Advertising for the site al

    Cooll but the sliver thing doesnt suit it to be honest.

    And What PopUps?

    I think there needs to be more on the site and stuff like Results from previous matches and stuff witch are saved in the Renegade Folder somewhere....Perhaps Mention the Clans Members name in or after the intro, which like a comment nxt to um. like Jake = Looking for blood or somert like that.

    P.s u comming to town 2mos al?


  9. Vibe69

    Vibe69 Guest

    too long of a intro, but very nice
  10. thebear

    thebear d(-.-)b

    Toronto, Canadia
    1. Skip Intro Link

    2. Build the site for a 1024x768 resolution - most people use that

    3. Expirement with Transparent Gifs

    4. Come up with a uniformed colour scheme (2-3 colours is best)

    5. Did you use GeoCities Site Builder? If you did scrap that and start teaching yourself HTML - no way in hell you'll pull of a grade A site using a site builder.

    Other than those points...its a really good start
  11. Rigsta

    Rigsta OSNN Addict

    I think it says "loading."


    There's the patience of your average visitor :rolleyes:
  12. Erbmaster

    Erbmaster Moderator Folding Team

    Middle Of Nowhere - UK
    Maybe you're using software to block the pop-ups ste_w. Whenever I open the link, I get "webwasher", and "Dot TK" pop-up windows. Now surely they aren't just hunting me out now are they...:p

    Again Axel, sorry m8, the pop-up's open, then I close 'em.....all of 'em including the originating window. You'll find this is common practice, as unless you have truly exclusive content, and people just MUST see it, you'll find they go elsewhere.......... Life's too short, (especially with THAT flash intro)

    Pop-up's are the equivelant of telephone "cold-callers" they get a bad response 'cos of the nature they work in, and bad use of Java. IMHO:rolleyes:
  13. dubstar

    dubstar format c:

    Southern California
    flash intro is good, but you gotta make it shorter, or just make it play faster.... the site doesnt have much content, and you have huge graphics which are not very appealing to many people.. im at 1152x864, and the graphics almost took over my entire screen.. (not cool, to me atleast).

    my advice, smaller graphics, shorter movie, little more content.

    but i do like it, and if i played, or even knew what renegade was, i'd be doing it on your server. :)
  14. aswettla

    aswettla Guest

    get ride of the popups
  15. Perris Calderon

    Perris Calderon Moderator Staff Member Political User

    new york
    I enjoyed the intro.

    I don't usually sit through those flash thingys...I don't know if I sat through this one because it was yours axel, or because it caprtured my interest.

    just one thing that came to mind...

    when the "A" animates, I would have it zoom like a delta wing, rather then just spin it around.

    on the whole, I would also make most of the animation events a little shorter in duratation
  16. w0lv3rin3

    w0lv3rin3 The Source Political User

    Barrie, ON
    yo yo yo, skip button would help alot and, music is ight, u should put a bit spazz in it, like exitement.

    Your graphic's are hurting my eyes.

    this is my site

    B.Net clan site

    im using php

    u have a good flash intro, but ur main site, no offence, need to work on it, good flash not good site = bad combo.

    keep working on it, i was like that at first, then i moved to tables, then java, then to php, then i left it at that.