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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by motordude, Dec 9, 2002.

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    I have been using Norton Internet Security 2003 since it came out. I noticed that it will not allow you to post on some forums for some reason. Also it will not allow me to view streaming video, like movie trailers and things of that nature using media player. Im running XP Pro, does anyone have any suggestions for a comparable Security suite that doesn't limit your online experience? I have tried disabling NIS but it didn't seem to work. Is there a setting that I am missing? Has anyone else had these issues? Sorry so many questions at once, I have just reinstalled windows and am not currently using any security but the XP firewall if you call that any protection at all. Any and all help would be great.

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    hey motor dude

    lots of norton experts here...allan has intimate knowledge of their products...hopefully, he or someone else that can help you will be by.

    I'm not one of them though

    I don't use norton anymore...I like avg better, and would pay more for it if I had to then's smaller, and less intrusive.

    also, there are free firewalls that are also as good if not better then norton..also smaller and less intrusive.

    if that's an option for you, try avg free av

    and try kirio or sygate free firewalls.

    but, also wait for the advice of someone that knows norton.

    good luck
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    hey motordude - since no else has replied - I may be smoking something funny and be oit in left field - but I know I have had problems in the past with cookies on some forums and dowloading video because I had my Privacy setting too high in IE.

    Go to Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, set to Medium, Apply and OK!

    If it helps great - if it doesn't, just set it back to where you had it and you didn't really lose anything !;)
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    I found out that there IS something in the privacy settings but I cant find it. I can only make it work by disabling them until Im done. Thanks guys
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    With reference to your question on Windows Firewall protection, got to and have your system checked for security and you will see that this is regarded as very secure indeed.
    Maybe some expensive software progs are just that !
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    Thanks for the link Roger, kinda brought up some questions on my end, lol.