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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Spike2205, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. Spike2205

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    Is there any way to have anti-aliasing without having bad fonts in games ? This problem occurs in Falcon 4 and FS2002 (I haven't tried any other games but I'm sure it will occur there also). Dunno if texel alignment has anything to do with it but I tried to move the slider all the way to the left and right with no effect. Any ideas ?

    System specs :
    P4 2.53, Asus P4B533 mobo, 1 Gb DDRAM 333, Gainward Geforce4 Ti4600 (30.82 Detonators), Win XP Pro
  2. _DM_

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    ok go download GeForce Utility Tweak thats the real name. I dunno the main site of it, but go to any search engine and type it.
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    nVidia has bad Anti-Aliasing when it comes to text rendering.

    It becomes all annoying and barely readable.

    ATi do it properly...