Another which Laptop is best thread...

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by LeeJend, Mar 30, 2007.

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    Ok walking through Office Depot today and wife spots these two for $449 after rebates:

    How pathetically slow will these be, especially running Vista?

    Just looking for something to surf with from the patio, bedroom, etc. Battery life not critical and no gaming. Plus an exposure to Vista first hand...

    -Yes, I know I will have to upgrade the pathetic 512 MB memory.
    -Both are Celeron M about 1.7GHZ, 533 FSB with Vista Home.

    Toshiba A135-S2246|0&Nr=200000&N=265454%209&Ne=6&An=browse
    Compas Presario C552US|0&Nr=200000&N=265454 9&Ne=6&An=browse

    Please feel free to rant about warantee and reliability issues you've encountered with HP/Compaq or Toshiba.
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    If it will just be used when you're out and about for keeping in contact, they should be okay. I would look for higher specs if you think you might give them more than light occasional use.