Another Stop Code!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by route66, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. route66

    route66 Guest

    Can't believe it!! Getting Driver IRQL not less or equal to and then OXO00000D1 (0X0000002B, OXO000002,0X00000000,
    0XF9CF9945) I thought this might be related to Q317326 but it ain't. Updated Video Drivers still no good, downloaded latest USB drivers still nothing - anyone with any idea's at all would be welcome.

    XP 1900
    Win XP Pro
    GF 3 T500
    256 Ram
    no hair
    bad teeth
  2. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    Try here
    Or, do you have a Conexant SoftK56 Modem?
  3. MaDCeLL

    MaDCeLL Guest

    this one might have a very simple solution:

    got the same board and 2k+
    problem is: the memory slots are to close to the CPU -> memory is getting overheated -> bscreen

    1) try moving the memory to bank 2 or 3
    2) install some memory coolers (globalwin active memory cooler.. best thing ever!)
  4. route66

    route66 Guest

    Thanks you guys - found out it was the bleedin logitech drivers - thought I had correct mouse drivers (but diden't) - only found out after an XP Repair!! Ah well you live and learn........