another IE weakness exposed

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Heeter, Jan 29, 2004.

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    A cut 'n' paste from

    Critical: Moderately critical
    Impact: Security Bypass

    Where: From remote

    Software: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6

    http-equiv has identified a vulnerability in Internet Explorer, allowing malicious web sites to spoof the file extension of downloadable files.

    The problem is that Internet Explorer can be tricked into opening a file, with a different application than indicated by the file extension. This can be done by embedding a CLSID in the file name. This could be exploited to trick users into opening "trusted" file types which are in fact malicious files.

    Secunia has created an online test:

    This has been reported to affect Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

    NOTE: Prior versions may also be affected.

    Do not use "Open" file, always save files to a folder as this reveals the suspicious filename.

    Provided and/or discovered by:

    News Source:

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    I've seen that before back in the day with IE5. I'm surpised they haven't fixed that by now. Well, good thing I don't use IE.
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    How can an exploit in the day and age of spam/IRC, and other places ppl are exposed to a never ending spam of URL's, be only "Moderately critical" when they could be clicking what they think is a harmless jpg and instead is a exe that destroys everything on there computer or turns it into a DDoS zombie?