Anonymous Browsing. Which is Best?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cyberrico, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. cyberrico

    cyberrico Guest

    I am looking for software or a web site that will allow me to surf the web anonymously.

    More specifically, I am looking to be able to go to a site, enter information into an online form and be completely invisible to them.

    One of the things I am looking at is Anonymizer 2.0. Seems decent but I wanted to get a feel for what everyone thinks of anonymous browsing and that application before installing it.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. sdibias

    sdibias Guest

    All those software based anonymous stuff is foolish, just use a public proxy. In your Internet properties you can choose to use a proxy, just enter the IP of the server along with the port number. You will never be completely invisible, but you can use proxies to hide your normal IP.

    Here are some examples of proxies (they are real)

    Disclaimer: Use it on your own risk. Legally you need to ask a permission to use any of the proxy servers in this list. I shall not be responsible for any damages of any kind arising out of use of these servers and the list itself.

    If you do a search on google you can find thousands of proxy servers to choose from.
  3. cyberrico

    cyberrico Guest

    Are the web-based solutions foolish as well? I considered changing my proxy. That really disappoints me that a couple people don't like most software based solutions.
  4. sdibias

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    The software based ones usually give you some extra goodies like pop-up blockers and such. Personally, I would not waste my $$, but that's my choice. I suppose you could download a free trial and see if you like it, I mean everyone is different. I don't need the extra fluff that comes with a product like that, I have all I need already.

    Give it a try, If you don't like it you can use something else :)