Annoying mouse problem in Win XP

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Darkwolven1, Jan 31, 2003.

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    I have Windows XP pro installed and also the MS intellimouse software installed. I recently had to run a "repair" of Windows XP because a few things were not working but I really did not want to do a full reinstall unless I absolutely had to. [had a nasty little data corruption problem because of a hardware issue] and now after the repair my mouse cursor "snaps" to every default button in an open window. I have never had this selected before. I find it horribly annoying. Everything else works fine. I checked in the mouse settings and "Snap to" is not selected. I tried enabling it and then disabling it again, but this did not work. I uninstalled the intellimouse software and then reinstalled it with no luck. How can I turn this off without reinstalling windows again? Is there a place in the registry to turn this off and if so, why does the GUI switch not work properly? Please help! It's driving me crazy!
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    go to

    Start, Control Panel, Mouse, Pointer Options

    untick "Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box"

    click OK, and there ya go :)
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    I hope the above post fixed your problem.

    However I also have a small mouse problem. Is there a way to totally get rid of "Enhanced pointer precision"? I normally don't have any issue with this since most of the time it stays off. But occasionally when I play a games, it automatically turns on in games and stays on after I exit. i.e. (Counter-Strike, NFS6, AOM, etc...)

    So are there some files I can delete that will totally get rid of this feature?
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    Nope, I tried that already. I thought I inferred that by saying I futzed with the software, but I guess that wasn't clear. I checked following some instruction I found online for setting this in registry. The settings were there and snapto was already off. The page said that deleting the keys would also turn off snapto and that didn't work either. It still snaps after reboot! This is freakin' weird.

    Any bright ideas? I guess I could try rolling back the drivers for the device, but seeing as it is a device instruction inside windows I don't expect it to work