An XP Horror Story?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TechTodd, Jan 11, 2002.

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    A Horror Story?
    I recently was presented on boot with a black screen message that said that windows has halted because the file hal.dll is missing or corrupt. Replace the file and restart windows.I had just
    installed a welcome screen and wanted to see it so i rebooted. I ended up just popping in the CD, and reinstalling windows and repaired the installation, and when it rebooted, all the users were there, the pictures were right. My password was accepted, and my wallpaper popped up, my messenger logged in and told me that i had 6 new email messages. What the Hell is going on here?? IT WORKED!!!! i crashed my windows, and i can reinstall my os and every thing doesn't have to be reinstalled?? Wow, very nice touch. Almost takes the pain out of reinstalling, or maybe i was just lucky?
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    sometimes reinstalling helps....... sometimes it doesnt. but glad it did!
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    yeah. I've used Repair installation once, but it was horrible. My page file could not be set (kept staying at 0, so my computer was slow as hell, nothing helped), so I had to reinstall.
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    yup using repair installation can be a god saver sometimes, if it can tell that there is a easy reason behind the system not working such as a missing system file, it just pops it in and sets everything right :)