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    Hey guys... Im building an old computer here out my my nan's "ex-computer" and I was wondering about something that I am unsure about?!? The motherboard that Im working with is an AOpen Ap59S : Socket 7 and it has a AMD-K6-2/266AFR chip in it. Now for my question. I was wondering if I could switch the proccessor to a Pentium SKT 7 without having to change any jumper settings or anything? Reson being when I boot it up (or try to anyways) all it does is give me a beep patteren that doesnt really help me and the screen never comes on (stays black)
    Thanks for any help :cool:
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    Post the beep code (longs shorts, number of tones in group). We can interpret it. there may be more than the CPU bad or it may just be a setting.

    You MUST read the manuals. The Socket 7 CPU's did not have niceties like auto voltage detect. You will have to manually set things like CPU voltage, clock speed, FSB, possibly memory voltage. Errors could fry the CPU and at least will make it not work.

    Hmmm. Pentium II class machine but not good to msx chip speeds:
    66 mhz max FSB and max cpu speed of 300 mhz with a AMD chip, less with a pentium. Also has warnings about damage if overclcoking is attempted witht he SIS chipset it uses.

    Definitely read the whole manual.
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    first off make sure your ram and video card is firmly seated, and yes you most likely will have to set jumpers.... AHHH the good ol days
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    Yes you have to change jumpers and stuf for processor speed.

    I got some processors you can make me an offer for, for our socket 7. They are upto 533, 533 has never been used..the 386 has been.
    Both are AMD, 3d now or somethig ike that.
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    yeah thanks for the link Patirot! I used the manuals from there and got the ol' Pentium up and running great. Ya see... I was always more of an Intel fan over AMD and these are usually the reasons why... hahaha. But no worries, they are both neck & neck now!! Thanks for the help guys! :cool: