AMD XP 2200+, A7V 333 et DDR

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by dustyputer, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. dustyputer

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    Just want to know is that one of the best association :)

    Just curious ;)
  2. dustyputer

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    Sorry for coming back, I forgot to mention that it is with XP Pro.

    Other informations:

    TNT2 (don't play game and don't really need more)
    Sound Blaster Live (also don't play game and same as above..)
    Maxtor 30 et 80 Gig, 7200 rpm
    Router SMC with Barricade (no more za or other stuff)
    Good sound system with the computer
    Burner and other "er's"...

    Hope this will help
  3. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    one of the best configurations one could get right now. but kt400 will be out shortly.
  4. dustyputer

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    oups I'm missing something here...what is the kt400...a motherboard or a spaceship :D

    sorry for my sens of humor, still trying to get a good one ;) but what is that....please
  5. Gary Pandher

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    motherboard compatible with ddr 400 ram
  6. dustyputer

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    cool and it's from asus?
  7. pothitos

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    KT400 is VIA's new northbridge chip which will be an upgrade to the VIA KT333 chip which you would get if you bought the Asus A7v333. It will have support for a faster memorybus and will have AGP 8x
  8. dustyputer

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    ok sorry for interrupting, let me take a look on google to see what I can dig... and like in the Schwarzenegger movie "I'll be back"...well no sens of humor again :p
  9. pothitos

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    By what you've told us there wouldnt be much point in getting the KT400 because you would have to get a different graphics card to take advantage of the AGP 8x which will set you back at least $400 when the ATI radeon 9700 and NV30 are released and the extra speed in ram would be limited anyway by the FSB of the athlons only being 266MHz.
  10. dustyputer

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    Quiksilvah you're the best

    took a quick look on google....well maybe I should try Kartoo, didn't find anything valuable on that but it's a matter of time...thanks for your xp-erience
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    you're right, I don't do anything special with my machine, searching on the web for info, looking around on sites for new softwares or new hardware but I really enjoy having a good service from what I have. I also tweak a lot and since I do that I have to re-install often :D always making sure that I have backup for all I need...playing around to have more knowledge but sometimes it's freaking me out of course

    I just want to know about my choices and I also need information from people who knows more than there any better way to learn:rolleyes:
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    One thing I would advise is looking around for reviews on the different peices of hardware you are looking into getting. I would post some links for ya but i'm not sure if it would be against the new forum guidelines

    (mod plz clear this up for me)

    So Google is your best friend mate!!!
  13. dustyputer

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    sorry i really have to go, an old friend is around, was my first student Oh hahahhaha, he bought the ever first computer that i owned and we are going out looking for...something to break

    Let me thank you for your inputs, I really appreciate having somebody being available for my silly questions....

    I'm just an old dude, new with computers and trying to learn...

    Take care folks and make sure to break it for the fun of fixing it :D
  14. dustyputer

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    me again, google with kartoo is what i use for now and i'm not stock to that...any suggestions for me being new here would be much appreciated :cool:
  15. Kw4ntuM

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  16. gonaads

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    They are fine... I've posted those links before. :p
  17. Howling Wolf

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    Amongst the Native Ones
    A7V333 is just fine, be sure to flash to the latest bios rev. (1011_final) as they seem to have corrected the temp reading issue.
    I had bios 1009_beta1, temps were 50°C with room at 24-25°C. As soon as I flashed the bios to rev. 1011 final, temps went down to 42°C ! I'm currently fully satisfied with this board and not worried anymore with temps. When I first powered on this mobo with Alpha pal6035, temps went up to 63-65°C ! I changed the hsf for a cheaper one all copper and temps downed to 59-60°C... I finally found the best team for me: ThermalTake Volcano 7 + Artic Silver 3. Temps went down to 50-53°C which was quite satisfaying, but I hadn't flashed the bios yet...
    I'm happy now :)
    Excellent motherboard / perfs ! A good and uptodate choice for you, I recommend to you !
  18. dustyputer

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    thanks all for your answers and suggestions. Asus is my preferate mobo and it's my choice again for my new XP 2200+ CPU. I also have good prices on Gigabyte mobo, in fact 50$ less than Asus but I've never tried one and don't know too much about them. :rolleyes:

    again thank you very much :cool:
  19. Kw4ntuM

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    the new high end giga byte's are perhaps the best there are

    and i forgot to mention BEWARE OF ANYTHING HIGHER THEN pc2100 IN AN friends ram fried 4 before they realized what was happening!
  20. dustyputer

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    I will have PC2700 DDR so you say that I'm looking for I'm concern :rolleyes: