amd socket 754 bracket breaking

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by wonderworm2000, Apr 30, 2006.

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    I installed an artic cooling freezer pro 64 cpu cooler on my gigabyte ga-k8ns motherboard. After about a month while just sitting at my desk I heard a noise in the computer case. After checking it was the retention bracket for the cpu. The side that the cooler clamp is on had broken. The studs on the retention bracket on that side had just broken off due to what appears to me because of the cooler being to tight. Can anyone help me with this before I reinstall it? It seems to me something should be done to the cooler to reduce the tension a bit. This bracket also seems to flimsy. It looks to me like it should be made of some stronger material for this kind of pressure on it.

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    If the bracket is broken, it is possible it was not installed properly. I don't believe it can be repaired, so it may have to be replaced entirely.