AMD Base unit for 15 quid today

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    Hi. I got my order of a PC Base unit. The Specification is this.

    CPU = AMD K6 3D @ 300MHz
    Ram = 32MB
    GFX = Onboard
    Sound = Onboard
    Hard Drive = 2GB
    CDRom = 36X
    Network Card = SMC

    3 PCI slots, 2 ISA slots.

    Here's what I would like to do. Update the bios. I've tried (well looking now) to see what the make of the motherboard is but

    That site is a little confusing for me to identify the motherboard, also were the hell do I look on the mobo.

    Here is the bios information. Release date. 08/14/1998S. Bios string


    I am also wondered if I could buy a socket 7 to socket A adapter in England because I want to upgrade the CPU to 1.2GHZ AMD Duron (it's cheap for 21 pound at overclockers UK) will that be alright if I do this, will any problems arise.

    I think the mobo has 72pin (is that the white slots, EDO memory) or SDRam capability (is that the black slots) and I'm thinking of upgrading the ram from 32MB (in the black slot atm) to 512MB. Will any problems arise if I do this or just put it in and go?

    The next thing I'm planning to do is add some sort of graphics to it. I'm thinking of buying a Voodoo 5 for it so I can play Elite Force 1 and do the odd LAN gaming. Cool hey.

    Now on to the last thing, will buying a IDE 100 (dunno what the FSB is on the mobo maybe you can help me find out) raid card be ok to help install a 120gig or so hard drive. Just wondering because that sure would be better than running Windows 2000 Server on a 2gig drive.

    And that’s about it, so help me with the bios update now, tah.

    Also can you get an ISA USB card, Ill be using all the PCI slots up I guess.

    Mark. (I don't mind spending money on it leasing new life on it).
  2. 03bigMark03

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    I ran the identification utility.

    Please help me identify the mobo model and find the latest bios.
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    ain't no way on earth that rigs going to upgrade to what you want. a 500 max and mabey 128mb double sided ram if your lucky.
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    Thanks for your comment, I was expecting these sort of replys. I know it's old but I'm going to shop for this type of stuff at places like EBAY, Computer Faires and places like that. I don't mind saving up money to do it up, I enjoy these sort of things, I just need you guys to help me update the bios.
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    thats one hell of a project, good luck.

    you might spend more money on this than buying new parts and putting something together. time is money.

    goodluck, and post an update when your finished, i'd like to hear your trials and tribulations.
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    Yer it's kind of like my hobbie, I'm a very practical person and love seeing new lease of life out of mechanical/technical things. Just I need help with updating the bios, information up there ^^^ please help.
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    I may be wrong but isnt it the actual hardware of the motherboard as well as the bios which determines the speed of processor it can handle?
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    Yer i read in a magazine artical that reviewed some socket adapters. I quote "If you have a motherboard that supports a front side bus (FSB) of 133MHz you can install a Pentium 3 and Celeron processors of up to 1.4GHz; but if an FSB of just 100MHz is supported then 1GHz is your limit."

    Thats why I need to find the model number of this to find the motherboard manual.
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    Hi, still no luck in finding the latest bios.

    Don't even think they have a web site.
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    Hiya, typing on this very PC, just installed Windows 98SE and it's working great. Ill get a screenshot of the hardware though it's mostly sis based. Surprisengly it has an 8MB onboard graphics that can run 3d Aps wow.

    Well here is the image.

  11. 03bigMark03

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    Socket Adapters

    Hiya I've found a socket adapter site but I don't think they do a socket 7 to socket A adapter. Perhaps I'm looking at it wrong, could someone please clear me up I'm all confused as to why there isn't a socket 7 to socket a adapter.

    Id also would apperciate you guys trying to help me find the latest bios upgrade and the model of the motherboard please.

    While I was at it I took some pictures of the mobo.



    On the black chip near the cpu it says

    "PC100 HT5595 SiS'97 PID5712 AE 9845CQ"

    if thats any help. Also on the bios chip it says

    "AMIBIOS 586 C1985-95 American Megatrends DR 69679"

    The ram chips are located under the IDE cables (allows two sticks, white slots, and two sticks of black slots).
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    Hi, Well I was trying to bid on Ebay for a AMD k6-2 533Mhz cpu for 10 pound. Trouble is someone out bided me and I only had 20 seconds left to bid! Dam dialup.

    Anyway I took a screenshot of the hardware, I currently use TightVNC to talk to it because I need to fix my old monitor.


    I believe the motherboard is a M570 V1.X?.

    I'm going to try and save up some more money now. If you know any cheap places in England to get AMD k6-2 above 500Mhz PM me. Also help me find a bios update!
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    Ace123 here to save the day.. sorry about the no read me file..
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    I just looked at that pic and it is a PC chips motherboard, as i have had one.The heatsink on the northbridge gave it away for me and i see in the post you have m570 and thats no doubt a PC Chips model number i had the m807 or m810 as it really was a decent board.This link is all you should need as it has a bios for all of thier boards.good luck.
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    Hi I tried to run the flash utility "AMINF336.exe" but I get this error message. "Chipset/Flash part isn't availble. The function will be invalid".

    The returns to A:\ promt.

    Well thanks for helping, maybe im using the wrong flash tool, I tried the other flash tool on that site but obviously that didn't work because it was an award bios tool.

    Well I also had a long chat to ACE123 (cheers for bios help!) about AMD k6-3 and overclocking them to 700Mhz. Mieee :p.
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    hehe - recycle bin?

    I just LOVE the way your last pic includes a wastepaper bin right next to the mobo! Is that a hint?

    But the board looks OK to me - apart from that noisy looking fan... and the empty DDR slots... etc etc. and at the end of the day - your bus wil be knackered - but then again - if you're running WIN 98 you will never tend to push the limits - that O/S is quite economical with resource.... runs fine on a PII so - you really have no business overclocking - and you got lucky on your graphics, right?
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    LOL. Well yer I also resorted to the Garden table because I don't have enough space. I'm currently doing other projects first such as implementing broadband on my gateway PC and modding my Xbox. Yesterday I managed to install Foxserv on the PC ( and it's created a local development server for me. It's so much faster editing sites localy you know, rather than uploading each new cahnge on dialup. Well I'd still like to flash the bios but it doesn't want to load the flash tool as stated up there some were. Any ideas? I'm going to mod this beast when I can, also do you know any Socket 370 coolers with LED fans? I'm planning to remove that ****ty hard drive caddy right next to the cpu and stick a 120GB drive in a nice looking hard drive cooler in a 5.2" drive bay. Other mods will follow. The money is flowing in now, £80 a month family allounce. That's cool considering I'm a college student and have no job. :p.
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    Old thread but...

    Hey remember this thread/pc? Well I managed to overclock the cpu to 375MHz at 2.4 voltage. It could probably go higher with extra cooling; I read they can go 400+. Well I don't want to touch it until I get more cooling; it's been stable for the past two weeks. Remember it was at 300 :). I'm also going to put a plexi green window (like my pc, remember that thread?) on the top of the case soon. Also moved it to a computer desk as I moved my brother’s fish tank. I'm running it through tightvnc atm but I'm hoping to repair an old 14" monitor, only the cable needs replacing, and I have a spare one, its just the cable wires are soooo small.

    Neways I have a problem with my PCI USB card I bought. Windows detected and installed the right drivers but for example if I plug in my Fujitsu FDX310 broadband modem I install the drivers but it doesn't get detected. Same with a USB keyboard as well.

    Any ideas, here is a screenshot under tightvnc.


    I'm getting my broadband account at the end of the week and I would like to use this as my main gateway PC.
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    Pimping out an old old computer... fun fun.
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    Well I cant exactly afford a new computer can I. Gona take a hell of a lot of months if I get £80 a month.