Alt-Tab, pretty cool.

Discussion in 'Windows Applications' started by Johnny, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Who here has used this before?

    Are you ever in a spot where you have a full screen and can not get to the taskbar? Or you need to use one hand to go to a window that is minimized to the taskbar and get to the mouse? Well use ALT-Tab.

    What this will do is let you choose a window that is in your taskbar the easy way.

    All you do is push and hold down alt, then tap tab. It will allow you to choose your window, or program. To select the window or program just release alt and it will automatically go to it.

    Vista has enhanced this with there document flip tool, I have found that just doing it on the keyboard is much easier.

    Try it once and see what happens :)
  2. trukkmann

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    I do this in games if I need to switch back to the desktop quickly, under XP. Nice feature, I was really happy when I 'discovered' it (never had anyone tell me about it). :smoker:
  3. high

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    usually the windows key will also bring you back to the taskbar from fullscreen by expanding the start button
  4. Steevo

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    TaskSwitch XP Pro is a better item to use, it replaces the windows default.
  5. Evil Marge

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    I just tried it, I never knew you could do that. You learn something new everyday, Ta Johnny :D