Allowing the Guest account net access

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by meglamaniac, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. meglamaniac

    meglamaniac Guest

    I'm after the setting which will allow the Guest login in XP to use networking connections.
    At the moment when I try the connection (a dialup ISP via a standard modem) is listed but the option to dial is not available (just about everything on the context menu is deactivated and clicking does nothing).

    I assume this setting is somewhere in one of the security policy editors, I just can't find the damn thing.

    Any help appreciated!

  2. MiseryQv2.0

    MiseryQv2.0 Guest

    I've looked a long time for this once... The best I came up with was to set up a Limited User account...
  3. napalmnthemorning

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    I posted the same basic question last week I've tried the suggested posts but I'm still now able to set up my ISP on the guest or any other user accounts I set up. I don't see the option on setting up a new account with internet wizard that says "allow other use access to internet services" or something to that affect. Anyway I already have my ISP set up on the administrative account, is this the same problem with you. When my daughter or guest opens up their user account and they click on the ISP shortcut on the desk top a message pops that says the account needs to be set up. (ITS ALREADY SET UP!!!!) This drives me Crazy.. Why does this have to be so difficult.

    OH sorry! I'm still ranting about my post. I'm feeling your frustration.