All My Icons Are the Same!! A little help please....

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Vetius, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. Vetius

    Vetius Guest

    I use microangelo to change the appearance of icons.

    I was playing around with a shortcut to a program I made, and changed the icon to a globe. And now for some reason, EVERY shortcut on my computer is a globe. How do I get them back to default?

    I can't system that's not an option.

  2. TCi

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    Try XP powertoys....

    If you download the Tweak UI program wich you kan get on, there is a option wich let you repair icons....

    Tweak IU comes with the new XP.powertoys...

    Hope you fix it.....
  3. Vetius

    Vetius Guest

    Well....I did what you said, and nothing happened. This really sucks!
  4. Vetius

    Vetius Guest

    Eh I fixed it...

    I had to change a setting in microanglo
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    Welcome TCi...:D