All In Wonder Tuner problem

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Grymblayd, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. Grymblayd

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    My cable runs through a descrambling box.

    When the tuner in my AIW 9700 pro wants to auto-scan for available stations it cannot because the box is set to channel 3.
    This greatly reduces the functionality of the card.
    Does anyone else feed through a box that can help me ?


    Grym ( and begging ) blayd
  2. Grymblayd

    Grymblayd Guest

    so nobody else has to use a box? lucky devils!
  3. Jz1397-5

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    Philadelphia PA
    can't you just bypass the auto-scan?
  4. Grymblayd

    Grymblayd Guest

    I still want to configure the stations......
    but like I said they are controlled through the box.
    I am going to try and bypass the box but I don't think that will work as the box is needed to descrambled the information sent from Time-Warner.

    Grym ( and getting a bypass ) blayd
  5. jkipk

    jkipk OSNN Addict

    Can you bypass the box only to auto-scan, and then hook it back up?
  6. Grymblayd

    Grymblayd Guest

    I connected the card straight to the coaxial feed and got about 20 channels a good portion of which were misidentified by the autoscan feature. So I plugged her back in to the box and am just dealing with it. Now I find taht my games are loaded with artifacts flickering all over. ( Not my week )

    Grym ( and readying my nerf hammer ) blayd

    I am not ready to use the real hammer just yet!!!
  7. ignipotentis

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    When Autoscanning, Turn your Cable Box OFF. If you cannot recieve any channels while the cable box is off, the resulting conclusion is you are using a Black Box. Also, to recieve better picture clarity, if you are not using a Black Box, it is higley recomended you don't use COAX to link your devices together. Use the component inputs to avoid having to encode/decode all the time, as this creates a poor picture. The cable box will then do the channel changing for you. If you are having artifacting issues while using the card, I suggest checking to see if you have the Latest CATS. If you do, try re-installing them.
  8. Grymblayd

    Grymblayd Guest

    well .... thanks for the reply box is quite legit actually, I tried with the box off to no avail. I am not sure about what you meant however, about connecting my devices. The only connection that requires coaxial is my cable box and that is most definitely required. My projector is connected via 15 pin Din and within the 15ft. suggested length.


    Grym ( and my box is brown ) blayd