All HTM Files without Icon - why??

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by HZingel, Jun 25, 2002.

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    On a brand new WinXP Pro machine, all .HTM and .HTML files have lost their familiar blue MSIE icon, just showing the unregistered filetype symbol, but clicking on such files brings up the Internet Explorer just as ever. Netscape 6.2 is in place but not the default browser. As far as I can see (by comparing with other computers), the registration of .HTM in the registry is correct, but is hat got a persistent handler that .HTM and .HTML files do not have on my other XP machines.

    How can I restore the Icon Registration of the Internet Explorer?

    Harry Zingel -
  2. Shamus MacNoob

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    go inside my computer open your c drive ..... go to tools (on top) folder options .......... file types ............. find the htm and html and one at a time highlight one and click on advanced and change the icon ............. good luck
  3. HZingel

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    I did that, *of course*, changed back and forth among all the programs I have in place to handle HTM/HTML, but still the icon is missing. It is there in the file type list, but not in the explorer...

    I even checked inside iexplore.exe to see if the icons are in place there. They are...

  4. HZingel

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    See what it looks like, I try to insert a pic here:

    The icon is in place but it does not show up in the list (and neither in the explorer).

    It *appears* to have got something to do with the class ID
    but this is where cannot find the problem...

    Harry Zingel