Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by tones10, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. tones10

    tones10 Guest

    Hi, I have a Matrox G400 dual head 32mb vid card, and I'm
    about to buy a new m/board which has a 4x/8x agp slot
    will this card be ok with this board, I like the Matrox and
    would not like to loose it, (XP System).
    Many thanks.
  2. Yngwie_II

    Yngwie_II Guest

    I'm not sure, but a general rule is that if the card supports
    agp 4x, and it is 1.5volts, then it should work in the motherboard.
    Not sure though since i don't have any experience with Matrox.
    Look on their website at your product info, and see what it says,
    if you can't find anything, try contacting matrox.
  3. kedyah

    kedyah Guest

    Well, I think you can log on to matrox website for technical support!! or maybe there is new driver for download.