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    I am running an Athlon 1400+ and run Age 1 with no problems.There may be a patch for Age,but I didn't need it.Try the compatibility mode(good luck,I think it's a joke half the time).Also,I saw an Athlon Patch on windows update.......
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    An Athlon patch? I didn't see one on WindowsUpdate...
    As for the patch, you can get it here:

    I recommend that you install the patch anyway, because it adds the following:

    Microsoft Age of Empires Update 1.0c is an upgrade of Age of Empires 1.0 that includes the 1.0a & 1.0b patches, along with several enhancements and gameplay fixes. These changes include:

    Idle Villager Key - Pressing the period ( . ) key selects and centers the view on a villager or fishing boat that is not assigned a task. Pressing ( . ) cycles though all idle villagers and boats in the game. This is a keyboard-only command; there is no on-screen control for it.

    Shang Food Cost - The cost of a Shang villager was reduced to 40 food. The amount of food the Shang player starts with was reduced by 40.

    Phoenician Woodcutting Bonus - Phoenician villagers now work 15% faster. In previous versions of Age of Empires, they worked 54% percent faster.
    For a complete description of all the patch improvements, please read the readme file.

    Version Compatibility
    If you are playing a multiplayer game, all players must be using the same version of Age of Empires.

    If you are playing a saved game, it must be from the same version of Age of Empires you currently have installed.