Advice on Recording TV Shows on DVD

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by WishMaster, May 6, 2002.

  1. WishMaster

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    Need some help. I want to record tv shows on DVD. I have a Gateway 650, 640 MRAM, 80 GIG HD. Using win XP Pro. What do I need to buy. Which is the best tv video card, and I guess dvd recorder. Any suggestions would be apreciated.. Thanks:confused:
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    Bump, me too.
  3. bheagle

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    OK.... two things here...

    1) if it's off a standard TV then you really don't need DVD quality.. DIVX is fine and you can do VCD or Video CD. with a standard cd-rw drive... most DVD players can play VCD already too..

    2) I would go with an ATI ALL IN WONDER 8500 for the video card
    and any dvd burner is about the same as any other... but be aware DVD Blanks are not cheap.

    Hope this helps
  4. WishMaster

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    Thanks- let me understand. I have cable serice right now, I split the cable and insert onto the ATI ALL IN WONDER 8500 video card? I have a good gforce mx400 video card, does that mean I have to ditch it? Also DIVX quality and sound is it really good? Sorry but I just want to enjoy the cd's quality after recording them. Really appreciate the help.

    ATMCKD Guest

    I use the Hauppage WinTV/FM. Just a tuner card. You can keep your GeForce installed.
  6. bheagle

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    divx is awesome... and as far as sound goes, it uses MP3 compression.... all the way up to 260 bitrate I think.. anyway it's better than a store bought CD...and I have 2 hour movies on one 80 min CD... mpeg 1 is VCD quality MPEG 2 is dvd, MPEG 1 resembles VHS quality,video wise...
  7. WishMaster

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    thanks ATMCKD . If i use the Hauppage WinTV/FM, i don't need to split my cable line? also Thanks bheagle for your response. Do you guys think it's better with Hauppage WinTV/FM or the ATI. Thanks

    ATMCKD Guest

    No problem. If you don't have an open cable line you will have to split the line. It's just a PCI card that routes the video signal to your video cards memory(very little processor usage). I prefer this scenario because I have no love for ATI products. Sorry to all the ATI fans, I just don't care for the driver support. Stick with Nvidia. The image quality on the Hauppage is pretty good, especially if you don't use an extremely high resolution.

    BTW: I just started posting here. Can someone tell me why my posts state that I am an XP Home user, not Pro. Thanks
  9. bheagle

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    the ATI card BLOWS away the wintv stuff, but if you like the video card you are using go with the most cost effective...

    I agree with ATMCKD on one thing tho... if you keep the size of the video down to 340 horiz it should look ok...

    as far as the XP Home thing, I think it asked me when I did my profile.. somewhere in there...
  10. ATMCKD

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    They must have massively improved Bheagle, because the last I ATI AIW card I played with was based on the Rage128 Pro wasn't so hot. Live and Learn. Thanks for the pointer. I'll check on my registration and see if I can change it to Pro.
  11. bheagle

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    Yep... our ATI All In wonder kicks butt for a TV Tuner card... although ours is the 7500, it's a full step down from the 8500 and it blows away my two MATROX G400 and G450 cards.
  12. bheagle

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    Oh yea.. and they are based on the Radeon chip now...
  13. sl05tr34m

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    you should have had a cable come with your AIW card which will let you chain the output of the GeForce card to the Vid input of the AIW then connect the cable to the RF in on the AIW. if you didn't get one with the card you can get one through ATI support. I think it's about $10 plus shpng. but I don't really think you'll need to as the Radion chipset on the AIW will do.
  14. Jz1397-5

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    Philadelphia PA
    I would just keep the normal CD redorder and burn VCDs. I use an AverMedia PCI tv tuner. I record in MPEG1 and use MPEG1 audio. No conversion needed for VCDs. Or you can record in MPEG2 for SVCD. So yea, keep your GeForce installed.