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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ZipTriX, Feb 5, 2003.

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    When I first built my pc, I just went with the "flow" of what parts to use, such as GeForce cards and Sound Blaster. I need advice and opinions on the listed parts.

    Right now I have a GF 4 Ti4400, but have been reading a lot of positive remarks about the ATI 9700. I'm also planning to add a TV card, and I saw that ATI makes a Radeon with a TV card. Does anyone have some advice on this exact version that I found?

    Pictures of ATI All-In-Wonder RADEON 9700 PRO

    Specifications of ATI All-In-Wonder RADEON 9700 PRO

    Product link

    Currently I have SB Audigy Platinum, but am not really pleased with the sound production from it. I'm looking at the Guillemot Hercules Gaming Theater XP 7.1.

    Pictures of Hercules Gaming Theater XP 7.1

    Specifications of Hercules Gaming Theater XP 7.1

    Product Link

    Any information about the Aureon 7.1 Space?
    Any other suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.
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    Bah. Funny thing is if I made this post under hardware, someone would have responded. Odd how I place my post in the correct section and nothing. :rolleyes:
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    Sorry bud I can't help you.
    When you say this
    It limits the people that will respond to your post

    Whats wrong with the sound production from your audigy? Thats a top card.
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    I understand what you are saying, but it really helps when people talk about the specific items listed. I've read what people have said about the 9700 PRO, but I have seen nothing about the one that I am debating on purchasing. I'm trying to find what the cons are to it, since it has a built in TV card.

    As far as my Audigy, it doesn't produce a superior sound quality for dvds and music for my home entertainment. Right now I have it going from sound card to receiver to speakers, so I am guessing that the receiver acts more as an amp for the speakers, while the sound card is the one producing the sound. If that makes sense. I'm also curious to know more about the TerraTec Aureon 7.1 Space. I've read the specs, but that's about all I can find on it. I have learned that they are sold in the UK, but yet to find a place in the US. :mad:

    If you need more information on my home setup, just let me know what you need to know.

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    The audigy is a great card, and when you start getting bad sound from it, you have to wonder if it's your reciever or speakers that are no good, or perhaps some interference (cables etc). Haven't heard anything about the Aureon 7.1 Space.

    The radeon looks like a nice card, couldn't say anything bad about it.

    This is what Anandtech say about it

    Linkage ->
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    Thanks for the info about the Radeon. I'll have to check it out. :happy: As far as the Audigy it does what it needs to for providing sound, I'm just really picky when it comes to audio. I guess I should hold off til this spring, when I have a larger area for a speaker setup.
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    good to hear...

    btw... do you want me to move this post into hardware? because it is upgrade related and therefore perhaps in the right section :)

    seeing as you are getting hits yer fine... have to remember most of the board sleeps @ night-time US time...
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    Yes please. I would like more people to comment so I can read the argumentative, yet polite, opinions from others on this. Looking at investing some money, it would be nice to have an adequate amount of opinions, reviews and such before making the final decision. The more recommendations on sound and video cards, the better. If you need more information and specifications on anything, just let me know.

    So what's your excuse for not responding? :p
  9. Goatman

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    for a sound card take a look at the M-Audio "Revolution" amazing for music.

    the AIW ATi Radeon 9700 Pro is a amazing card! I have worked with a All in wonder 7500 and it was great, I fully recomend the All in wonders.
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    I read that thread before I posted. It really didn't offer dedicated opinions to TerraTec, mainly the one I am searching for reviews on.
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    moved thread to hardware section :)

    anyhoo... the AIW 9700pro is a very nice card.. picture in picture anyone :) I mean thats just brilliant :)

    i have seen the card in action and it is a fabulous device... wish I had one but I don't mainly because it does not support a dual monitor setup like I have @ the moment...

    per sound cards... whats the preference?

    for all round performance the audigy2 and the turtle beach santa cruz are both pretty good...

    both have very good output of audio for gaming/movies/music/whatever..

    there are some other systems out there... your choice as to what to get...

    my m8 just bought a logitech THX setup (speakers) and they really pound out some bass with the audigy compared to his former onboard 5.1 channel audio (which was not bad... but the difference is noticeable...)