AdSubtract Pro2.52 - Get rid of Pop Ups with ease!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Grandmaster, Jul 25, 2002.

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    Well, like probably everyone here, I HATE (dont knw how to put more emphasis on that ;) ) popups. So I finally decided to invest in a good popup removing program. And I am very satisfied with AdSubtract Pro 2.52! No more popups, just web browsing goodness! Has blocked every ad I've came across like a charm. It can be easily configured within a few minutes. Also has a log, that displays how many cookies, banners, popups, and more the the program has blocked.It's definetly worth the $30 US.

    And if you dont wanna take my word, here are some comments sites such as Cnet, PC World, and ZdNet said about AdSubtract Pro:

    AdSubtract walked away with our Best Bet prize by blockading every ad we encountered. "
    PCWORLD, May 2002

    "This is the best all-around ad-blocking program we can find, with good privacy controls."
    CNET, March 2002

    Also, you can check it out yourself with a free 30 day trial from

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    thanks, that is a pretty good blocker !!!