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    Anybody here have ADSL and an expert to it? Cause I got it installed plugged to my computer and it says Local Area Connection is plugged, then I double click on local Area Connection (which is adsl) which is located on my computer and networks, then it says, i'm connected to 10 MBPS, then at the bottom it says "PACKETS" next to this word is "sent:" number was like 17, then next to this word it is "recieve" it says 0 !! And when I download it still dling at 5 k, and my game pings are still are trhe same like 200 or 300 ping! What the hell am I doing wrong? i'm not recieving any signals . Plz someone tell me how to fix this! My ADSl modem is called Alcatel 1000 ADSL. Plz help me
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    Your probably going to have to call your provider and talk to them about it. It's hard to troubleshoot a DSL problem because alot of the time it is the line and not the modem =/
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