Adobe Photoshop GURU Needed..!!!!

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by AYHJA, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. AYHJA

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    I need some serious help clearing up some pictures in Photoshop that were pretty underexposed...They all look dark and grainy...I can do OK in PS7, but this is beyond my field of play...Anyone who is downright prolific with the in's and out's of PS, PUHLEASE give me some tips and pointers...I'll try to attach a sample pic to this message, but if it doesn't work out, email me and I'll send you one so you can see what you can do with it...I've searched high and low, but no tutorial can quite do the trick...I'd be forever in your debt for somone that can do the trick...
  2. kitct

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    I'm not a guru but,have you tried going to image>adjustments and jus play around w/those settings? ;)
  3. koko

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    i know photoshop pretty well. i'd try sharpening it first and then maybe darkening it slightly.

    there are endless combinations you can try. best thing to do is load it up and just mess around with it.
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    Wow! Nice job kitct.
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    Thanks Codasmd.My vision aint what it used to be,but I gotta give it a shot anyways! :p