Administrative Update with Office SP-2

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by drdoug26, Aug 23, 2002.

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    Hi all,

    Does anyone know how to do an Administrative install of Office 2002 AND update the install point with SP-2???

    I know how to make the admin install point w/ Office 2002 but I can't get it to integrate with the new SP-2.

    I made a nice Office 2002 disk with SP-1 incorporated into it but I can't get it to work with SP-2. Must have a new file name or something.

    Any Help or a link would be appreciated.

    Here's a .txt file that has the tutorial I used to create the Admin install w/ SP-1 if that would help anyone.

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    Heres both in one file and for office sp2 you don't need the cd in the drive.
  3. SP2 Install

    here's my method.
  4. all I did was follow the office xp sp1 update guide but changed the two sp1a files to the new sp2a files for the run commands. I never installed sp1, and since sps are cumulative, all sp1 guides should be changed or deleted.
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  6. You used that out of context. That is for the multilingual pack. I have never installed sp1. I have sp2 now with no problems.
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    It doesn't say its for the multilingual pack. I'd take a closer look at the text there. ;)

    You may have SP2 running, but you may NOT have the fixes from SP1.

    Willem Moolenaar
  8. I suppose you're right. But I thought SPs are cumulative. So now what? Do I try sp1 after sp2 or uninstall office again and do 1 then 2?
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    I would say Service Packs are accumative, too. However, in *my* opinion, M$ clearly states you must have SP1 installed before you install SP2. Frankly, I'm confused too. If I were to do things "by the book" I'd install SP1 first; "cos it says so." ;)

    Kind regards (and good wisdom in your discision) :)
    Willem Moolenaar
  10. ok so i re-installed, doing sp1 and then sp2. I guess they aren't cumulative. I was mislead when it said sp2 contains all previous updates since sp1. A little confusing. Problem solved.
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