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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by geexer, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. geexer

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    one thing that puzzles me about setting xp is admin rights.
    if you install xp with say four users they are all given admin rights
    and if you change all to local user you get a message saying
    "at least one person must have admin rights"
    even though you have supplied a password for Administrator during setup, this account dosent seem to count.
    Also, you can't browse other users accounts even though you have Admin rights
    so what i'm asking is
    is running with Admin rights the same as logging on as the Administrator?
  2. iNFERN0

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    the account that winxp has u specify for a password is there but is just hidden.

    i guess its suppost to be there as a backup if u screw up your other admin account but the thing i don't get is why have it hidden in the default login screen? the only real way you can access it is if you chose the win2k look of the login screen where it lets u input the name of the account

    otherwise in the other format theres gotta be a certian command you do in startup at allows u to access that command.

    having admin rights is the same as logging in as the administrator. its just that the administrator account just has that name
  3. 2535

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    At the welcome screen just press ctrl+alt+delete two times that will revert back to win2k logon for 1 time only just enough for you to ogon as administrator.