Address Bar Function in XP Task Bar Broken

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Killfox, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. Killfox

    Killfox Guest

    I'm stumped. Hopefully someone can unstump me. :p

    When I activate the Address bar in the WinXP Task bar (right click Task Bar > Toolbars > Address) the bar appears but does not work.

    If I enter a complete URL (, it just sits there. If I enter an incomplete address ( I get an error "The file does not have an application associated with it for performing this action. Go to Control Panel to create an association."

    Of course I do have all my associations set for URLs, unless this is another type of association.

    I've searched high and low and while I've found some newsgroup threads describing the problem, I can't find any answers.

    Anyone got an idea?

  2. Killfox

    Killfox Guest

    K - figured it out. It happended AFTER SP1. What did SP1 feature (other than new bugs and trash)? "Program Access and Defaults." :eek:

    Seems a failed try at installing then removing Crazy Browser left some of the IE dll links unattached. Resetting the "Program Access and Defaults" fixed the link beautifully!!

    (now I've gone and installed MyIE so when I;m back here with Alzheimers over the failed Address bar, please remind me politely)