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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by w6u6f, Dec 19, 2001.

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    OK this might be a little long winded so stay with my.

    I just bought 2 256MB RDRAM 600 MHZ Non-ECC chips. I presently have 2 64MB RDRAM 600 MHZ Non-ECC chips. I added them into my motherboard. My motherboard can handle this much, I called Dell and they said no problem as long as I buy my ram in pairs.

    When I restart my computer with the new ram. I get a message at first saying that the computer recognizes that there is more memory. I pressed F2 and it recognized in my Bios that there was 640. I went back to the normal start-up. Windows XP tries to start up.. can't.. screen flickers... computer restarts... get a message

    Now I can't exactly remember what the message is but, I will try to say what I remember. It gives me a blue screen. It says that it restarted because of one of a few reasons.
    1) More memory
    2) Power failure
    Bla bla
    and it will stay at this screen to avoid any corruption to my files.

    Has anyone encountered a problem similar to this? I can provide more details if necessary.

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    Pop out the two 64MB modules and insert two continuity RIMMs in its place. See if it still does not boot.
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    Ya, I tried a bunch of different variations with the RIMMs, 64s, 256s. No luck, I think I might have to bring this one to the shop. Ah well.