Adding another Hub to DSL Router...?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Black_Pride, Apr 15, 2002.

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    My office currently has ADSL installed to 4 machines through a 4 Port CAYMAN ADSL ROUTER. Each PC is set to "autodetect settings" and each is using TCP/IP w/ NetBios. The problem is that we need to add more computers next week to our network. So I have 3 questions:

    1. Do I need a SPECIFIC TYPE of HUB or ROUTER or SWITCH to ADD-ON to the CAYMAN ADSL Router or can I use any old Hub?

    2. Secondly, How do I connect the new hub to the CAYMAN ADSL router?

    3. Lastly, will these new computers be plug-n-play just as if they were plugged directly to the ADSL router or do I need extra configuration for these?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.....:(
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    Any hub should do but make sure its autosensing capable [10/100]

    Your cayman dsl router should have an uplink port use that to connect to the hub.

    Well that depends how there shipped but, usually you have to go into N.N. and enable file sharing TCP/IP protocol and whatever client your using on the network. Rmember to set them in the same workgroup and Im sure your using DHCP so you should be okay.
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    1. Any old will do. Try to get one that supports 10/100 (a switch is best). I never used this particular router but there's no fuss on the PC:s then it should be no problem.

    2. Through a straight cable on the hub/switch's uplink port or a twisted cable on another port.

    3. Yes, unless there is special configuration in the router to limit the number of computers or the identity of them. A hub/switch is just forking the traffic. The machines can't see it.
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    That was quick!!

    Thanks guys!:D