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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by KonArtis, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. KonArtis

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    When I try to open up "Add or Remover Programs", It gives me an error message that says:

    Value creation failed " at line 472

    Does anybody know how to fix this? I have already restarted the computer, but still appears with the same message

    Your help will be appriciated! :)
  2. sboulema

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    The error means that you have sp1 installed and use a different style than the normal one. to solve thid error you must rename your "shell" folder of your visual style to the name of the visual style and the problem is gone :)
  3. damnyank

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    Found this:

    SP1 - Add or Remove Error after Installing SP1 ("Parser Message: Value creation failed" at line 472" error)

    If you are using Style XP: Right click the Desktop/Properties/Desktop/choose Windows XP and try again

    I don't use Style XP - so don't know if it is valid!
  4. KonArtis

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    Thanks guys for your help, I renamed the shell folder to the visual style and it work :) Thanks again!