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  1. anyone else try this ata raid card with xp and have it work. says that xp supports it but then i see theres some issues with xp sp1

    sets up fine, two drives set mirror, load xp all fine til system tries to reboot for first time then cant find OS. motherboard is an Intel and bios shows everything properly both on it and card..

    never had an adaptec issue before thats why i spent alittle more as this computer is for a small customer database for someone.

    this is what they show-
    "When trying to install Windows XP Service Pack 1 from CDROM with the Adaptec 1200A as the boot controller, Windows cannot find the controller and drive(s) attached. This occurs when trying to use either the embedded XP Highpoint 370a driver or when specifying the Adaptec driver with the F6 option.

    At this time, the only workaround available is to install XP to a drive connected to the onboard IDE controller. After XP is loaded, install the 1200A controller and load the Adaptec drivers for it. Once the drivers for the 1200A are loaded, you can move the boot hard drive to the 1200A and use it there as a single drive, or create a RAID-1.

    There are no workarounds at this time for RAID-0 or RAID-10 configurations.

    The reason for this anomaly during installation is the absence of an embedded Highpoint driver in Windows XP Service Pack 1. The F6 procedure will still try to manually load the driver.

    this and everything else doesn't work -
    thought adaptec would have their act together and not say something is supported when it apparently isnt..........:mad:
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    Are you loading the cards (Adaptec) BIOS at boot time so XP can see the drives before the XP OS kernel starts to load? This should have been an option in the setup programme.

    This was a problem with old Adaptec boards.

    :) :)
  3. Majin

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    i have that very card and have had no problems using xp sp1
  4. yes thats what the f6 option is to load card drivers.........

    ive done it every way from sunday with no luck.........
  5. booting from it or just using it to raid extra drives