ad-aware not working well

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sherpard, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. sherpard

    sherpard Guest

    erm hi there, anyone knows what is happening? ad-aware doesnt seem to be working really properly... everythings 0 except for the number of running processes
  2. polyglory

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  3. sherpard

    sherpard Guest

    haha ive did that tons of times ! to no avail.
    and is cd_clint a file which is supposed to be placed like in c windows, system 32 or something for ad-aware to be able to detect?
  4. gonaads

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    Have you D/L any P2P (Peer 2 Peer) software and installed it recently?
    I remember seeing in the Forum ( don't remember where) that a particular P2P Proggy was doing strange things to Ad-Aware to the point of deleting it or just rendering Ad-Aware useless.
  5. ateizzynuff

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    Maybe it's reading 0 because there's no spyware left on your system to detect...? Do you run it regularly?

    Because a hacked version of cd_clint has become so popular, recent versions of the AdAware sig file do not search for that particular file anymore.

    Try SpyBot Search & Destroy - the most effective piece of freeware we've ever used. I believe you'll find y'self hardly running AdAware @ all after using it.
  6. sherpard

    sherpard Guest

    thanks for everything... yeah ill go try it out.. and yes i have kazaalite 2...
    and with diet kazaa 1.03
  7. sherpard

    sherpard Guest

    haha whether i run it or not regularly doesnt affect anything, its still 0...
  8. gonaads

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    O.K. I think I understand what is going on...
    First, a question:
    Is the Bar where the red arrow is on the image you posted running through all your Directories and Files on all your Drives when Ad-Aware is running/scanning???

    If so, which I think it is. Then Ad-Aware is working just fine. All the ZEROS (0) is the count of how many SpyWare things Ad-Aware has found, ie... Processes, Reg Keys, Components, Files... anything that is part of a SpyWare Proggy. Since you show in the image you posted Six (6) running processes, then you have SIX (6) things going on there. The other items list ZERO (0), so there are none of those present.

    Another question:
    When you click on the "CONTINUE" button what does the next window show? Is it a list of the SIX (6) Processes? If it is, then all is the way it should be. :)
  9. sherpard

    sherpard Guest

    after i click the continue button they say congratulations no spyware is found... ok anyway, just to add on, after i used spy bot search and destroy, it founded so many spyware. but ive been scanning repeatedly with ad aware to detect nothing at all. but nvm already, im now using spybot.