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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by moooo, Sep 16, 2003.

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    in active directory,
    i have a login file that allows everyone to go to personal folder

    net use H: \\server-24e74958\Home$\%username%

    is the current login line , i was wondering if i added a main folder ( E:\Home\local ) on the drive how would i go about letting a user see it and their other folder also.

    I tried:

    net use H: \\server-24e74958\Home$\%username%
    net use I: \\server-24e74958\Home$\local

    , but that did not work. any input would be great.


    P.S.: sorry about last post in the wrong section, and this one i am not exactly sure on where it goes :(
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    OK is \\server-24e74958\Home$\local a shared folder that all users will have access to? Make sure that share permissions are set properly (ie. the user logging in has rights to read that directory).

  3. Enyo

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    moooo, why do you use a login script to direct the users to there home directory instead of the built in option on the profile tab of the users properties?

    What is the problem when trying to map that drive? Is it a Access Denied message or do you get nothing back?

    If you get a access denied message back, as JJB said check the permissions.

    The best way to set the permissions for shares would be everyone F/C on the share access control list then tie it down to groups using the NTFS permissions. Add Domain Users in for R/O access so that all users can read the directory or R/W if you don't care what users have the ability to read and write to the directory.