Active Desktop Help - Shortcuts and NotePad

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by disturbed, Apr 25, 2004.

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    hi everyone. i'm new here, if you havn't guessed.

    i'm having some problems with my active desktop. i have been using the Tutorial @ Unsolved Media, but my desktop still doesn't seem to work.

    first. the notepad. it doesn't actually save when i click save. - it reccommends to have it as a seperate file, therefore i just have a standard <a href="....> link to it. as per the code, when you click "save" it closes and the desktop is once again there. but when i open it again, there is nothing there.

    second. outlook express. this is driving me insane, i probably use this link the most. grr. oh well, im just using the standard windows quicklaunch atm. um, what is happening...oh yeah. i click on the text and it comes up with an IE window with 'javascript:void(0)' in the address bar. so yeah.

    any light anyone can shed on these two issues would be greatly appreciated.

    -rowan aka. disturbed