Activating windows twice???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by nigel1210, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. nigel1210

    nigel1210 Guest

    I am buying a new hard drive so will need to reinstall xp again, is it possible to do this or will i have to phone microsoft and get a new number or something?

    Also what happens if you change hardware and reinstall?

    Any ideas?
  2. Goose

    Goose Guest

    You dont have to reinstall you can get a program called
    Drive Copy its about £30 quid
    and yes if u reinstall you have to reactivate :(
  3. nigel1210

    nigel1210 Guest

    I want to do a fresh reinstall because there is a lot of stuff on there i don't want. Will i have problems trying to activate it on the internet again?
  4. stapler101

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    after a certain # of online activations you will need to call in to activate. Also, you must talk to a live person (if microsoft has live people!). The touch pad activation will not work for you if you are reactivating
  5. nigel1210

    nigel1210 Guest

    What do you mean touch pad activation?
  6. smeghead

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    if I Had problems with windows XP and wanted to reinstall for first time will i be able to activate XP on the internet.
  7. stapler101

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  8. nigel1210

    nigel1210 Guest

    yes you can, after three times you have to phone microsoft.
  9. stapler101

    stapler101 Guest

    I did not know the exact number (3), but I know it is an unnecessary pain in the butt!!!
  10. Rootz

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    My personal experience is you can activate WinXP Pro only ONCE in a lifetime via the internet.
  11. = Indy =

    = Indy = Guest

    Hi guys,
    If you want to re-install XP without re-activating it, here's how you do it!

    Goto your C: (if thats where you installed XP) Windows-system32
    Scroll down and find a small file (about 4kb) called wpa.dbl (Windows Product Activation.dbl) Copy this file to floppy disk.

    Apparently, this is your activation "fingerprint" that you get when you first activate XP, and if you wanna re-install windows without the re-activation, then you copy this file back into the system32 folder after you re-installed XP. If all goes well, you should not need to re-activate. This is assuming that you haven't changed the hardware significantely.

    I believe you can change four of ten items in your machine before you need to re-activate (items being hard disk, ram, video card, CPU, etc).

    I haven't had to try this out myself yet, so I cant say it definately works, but its worth a go, and dont forget to post your results back here if you try! :D

    Good luck!