Access to IIS server with ICS

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Pedro Pereira, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. Hi !

    I have 2 computers in my network one with XP and 2 NICS (sharing the internet connection), the other with 2000 Server and IIS running FTP and WWW services.

    I want to access the WWW and FTP server from outside (from the internet)

    I´m using ICS with FTP and HTTP services checked with the default ports (21 and 80) and the host computer directed to my 2000 server machine.

    I can´t reach the server from outside. Any ideas ??

    (Everithing is working right when I use that services inside my LAN)

  2. Zedric

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    Go to the settings for ICS on the XP machine. Press settings and tick FTP and HTTP and fill out the dialogs accordingly.
  3. Zedric:

    They are checked and configured properly (I think ). I put the machine name (Server) in the box, and used the default ports.
  4. JJB6486

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    Try changing the machine name to the internal IP address of the server