about additional monitors in xp

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by wired_lain15, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. wired_lain15

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    was wondering, how do i set one up?

    if i get another one, where would i plug it in? do i have to buy a new graphix card, what adapters do i use?

    what's a really good deal on an adapter to connect my monitor to my tv so whatever i see on my monitor goes to my tv and can i also transmit sound to my tv as well? how about to speakers?

    thanks for you help.
  2. Qumahlin

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    To use 2 monitors you need either 2 graphic cards. or you need a graphic card with a dual head display.

    You cannot transmit sound to your TV speakers. The only sorta setup you could do is if you have a soundcard that has a digital out that you can connect to a digital receiver. such as the breakout box on the hercules game theater or the sb live and audigy platinum's.

    I'm not sure about adapters to connect your monitor to your TV. I've seen one or 2 that support the 15 pin cable that a monitor uses, but they are kinda steep in price. Your best bet is just to get a graphics card that has a TV out built in so that you can just run an s-video cable from the board to your TV. But remember, unless you have a HD tv your TV can only display a MAX of 800 by 600 on a really great tv...and most other tv's are 640 by 480. Also the filters a regular tv uses are not made to render small text legibly, some of the sony tv's with fine comb filters do a pretty good job, but if you just have a regular style tv don plan on doing alot of reading or you'll be investing heavily in headache medication. But it is perfectly fine for gaming on a big screen
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    thanks, guess i'll look for graphics cards with a dual head display, got any in mind that is also not so steep in price but does it's job?
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    Actually you can get converters to display higher res on a TV, but it will look like crap. As for sound, you can get it to your TV with an RCA cable. The easiest way would be if you had a receiver hooked up to your TV though. And dual-head setups rock.