Abit P35 Pro with Q6600 Quad Core

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    I have so far overclocked my new system by 41.7% from 2.4 to 3.4Ghz with increases of 100 Mhz between.
    The suggestion is the limit would about 3.6ghz with a standard HSF or possibly up to 4.45 to 4.50 Ghz with an upmarket HSF or water cooling.
    So with a multiplier of 9 starting @ 266mhz, could be up to 500 Mhz FSB !
    Remarkable CPU temp of 24 degrees C on GO stepping ,System 25 C and power management 36 C.
    850 W power supply and 7 fans (inc power and CPU)

    Any one got further with this board ?
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