Aaaarrrrgh ! (XP bugs)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Ramanuman, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Ramanuman

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    I don't know what's happening, but my xp has started bugging on me in an incredibly annoying way lately.
    I've been using this installation (through a ghost image) for the last 2 years and it was always fine. I've ghosted it back again only a few months ago. But this time something went wrong.

    Here are the symptoms :
    1- Files and folders keep setting themselves to "read only", which keeps me from modifying them until I next reboot.
    A typical example of this : I move files in and out a folder. Then I want to rename that folder, but get a message saying I can't and that it might be protected. I look at the properties and see it's "read only". If I untick that, it changes back by itself.
    Same goes on with files, except the error message says someone else or another application might be using it, when that's not the case.
    And even if I wait several hours and not touch the pc, I still can't change them.

    2- The 'view' setting in Windows Explorer keeps changing back to "thumbnails", even though I set it at "details, and choose "apply to all folders" in the folder options.
    That only happens in some folders.

    It's driving me nuts ! :mad:

    I'm prolly going to be re-installing soon. But I wanted to wait until I could buy a new sound card. So I'm asking if any of you has a solution to offer in the meanwhile. I'd appreciate very much.
  2. NetRyder

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    Not sure about #1, but #2 was bugging me for a while too. I ended up deleting the thumbs.db file in the affected folder from a command prompt, and everything went back to normal after that.
    Give it a shot...see if that helps. :)

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  3. Ramanuman

    Ramanuman Guest

    Thanks Net. I can try that, but it's different folders that do that each time. :confused:
  4. lojow

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    Hey.. Had the same problems before :p

    #1: In explorer, open C: select all hit properties->Security->Check full access for all accounts listed. Apply.
    #2: Get a folder set up the way you want it. Hit Folder options->View->Uncheck cache thumbnails and finally the button at the top to apply to all folders.

    Hope it helps :)
  5. Santamanne

    Santamanne Guest

    I have the same sort of problem, but I cant find this option anywhere. I dont have any "security" thingy in the options.
  6. Ramanuman

    Ramanuman Guest

    Me neither : I can't follow the paths you give, Lojow... :confused:
  7. lojow

    lojow Guest

    Hrm.... You are running NTFS, aren't you?
    My bad... You can only do folders at once, and then files at once...
    Someone remind me to actually try what I say before I say it next time :p
  8. Ramanuman

    Ramanuman Guest

    Sorry if I'm being daft, but I still can't find a "security" in the properties for any folder, nor anywhere else for that matter...
  9. yoyo

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    Not sure if it is related to your problem, but to get the Security tab in XP Pro you'll have to disable "simple file sharing" (folder options - view), in XP Home you'll have to boot into safe mode to an administrator account.
  10. Ramanuman

    Ramanuman Guest

    Ah, got it ! Thanks. :)
  11. Ramanuman

    Ramanuman Guest

    So you mean, in the security tab, I go through all the accounts one by one and check all the "allow" boxes ?
  12. Ramanuman

    Ramanuman Guest

    I did this by hitting properties directly on C, btw.
    And only the "CREATOR OWNER" account won't change to allow all.

    Hope I did what you meant.
    I'll be checking for changes.

    (In any case, I might just re-install everything sooner than I thought, since I think I've found my next sound card : A M-Audio Revolution 7.1. :) )
  13. lojow

    lojow Guest

    Hope it works for you....
    I was having annoying problems with transfering files between my networked computers... Permission to open them denied and whatnot :p

    It makes me wonder sometimes about the security initiative M$ is working on... Hackers can still get in, but the common person is left scratching their head... LOL
  14. dreamliner77

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    Great choice on a new sound card.
  15. Ramanuman

    Ramanuman Guest

    Isn't it :)

    I was going for an Audigy2 at first.
    This is not my main puter for music, but I do record with it, and I transfer music from tapes and vinyl records often enough.
    So when I saw how affordable those M-Audio are, I quickly forgot about SoundBlaster, their crappy converters and crappy customer service.