A suggestion, wrt mention of negative reps

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    I replied in thread where this was mentioned, but perhaps it should be mentioned here also.


    There has been a lot of good discussion, and :up: to everyone for having kept it all civil... Thus far, when rep has been given, it has come from both ends of the political spectrum (and even where peeps are on a dif side of an issue, but feel the post was note worthy anyhow). Great news...

    But, if per chance (and it might not come up), peeps were to negative rep peeps posts in that one forum, on the basis of political disagreements/arguments...that could possibly get contentious. I don't think anyone would want to see that :)

    Either negative repping should not apply to that one forum, or if it does (and is introduced all around), I do think it would be prudent to keep an eye to make sure no one turns around and mis-uses it when the sole basis is "I don't like your opinions" or something of that sort, with the other party getting upset, etc :eek:

    Just a suggestion for the staff here...
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    I don't think negative rep at all, and I agree if it's there it shouldn't apply to that forum either...I like the dissagreement more then the agreement and that forum dissagreement is the only time there's an interesting thread, dissagreement is the best way to learn when it comes to politics
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    Good suggestion, and I agree completely. Negative rep should never be used because you disagree with somebody's opinion. Its uses in that forum would probably be on account of high disrespect.
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    I got a negative rep from Mainfraimguy in the green room, somthing to do with OT. Thanx Mainframeguy, much appreciated :rolleyes:.. I have noticed that since I got one, I can't give rep to anyone now. All it does when I click on it is go to the top of the page ...

    Thanx Perris. I still cant' give them ,, Hmm - I'm not sure what it is ..

    [edit]O.k It's firefox .. [/edit]

    [edit][edit]I fixed it, I had to disable adblock, clean out everything, then restart the browser for it to work .. [edit][/edit]
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