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    The thread at this link http://www.pcguide.com/vb/archive/i...hp/t-15160.html

    delt with the issue I am having, except the difference is that person was not having any reboot or shutdown problems, and I am. My computer randomly reboots for no obvious reason.

    My system is an Athlon XP 1500+ Palamino, with 768 mb DDR RAM

    I have recently replaced my power supply with an Antec 300w supply. The random rebooting occurred before my old supply died and I bought a new one, but perhaps the issue is still related to the power supply.

    I downloaded MBprobe to get readings on temp and voltages, and here are the current readings...

    vccp1 1.76
    vccp2 2.46
    +5Vsb 4.95
    +3.3V 3.23
    +5V 4.92
    +12V 12.03
    -5V -5.76
    -12V -11.68
    Vbat 3.36

    The readings labelled "Vccp2" and "-5V" both have flashing red indicators next to them, with MBprobe warning threshold set at 10 percent.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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